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What We Currently Offer

At Willow Creek we provide professional Dog Training, Walking or Sitting for all ages, young or old, all breeds from large to small... we accept them all!  

Basic Obedience Group Classes coming March 2022



Bailee and Denise

Passionate. Patient. Persistent. Pet-lovers. These are just a few of the characteristics that describe us. We know each dog is different, and we’ll work with yours to give them the specific guidance they need. Whether you’re thinking about getting a dog, have a new puppy, or already own a dog with behavioral problems, we are here to help.


Danielle N.


"Bailee goes above and beyond when taking care of our Marcie. She has been very accommodating when we have had to change our schedules. We're so happy to have found Bailee, we can't recommend her enough!"


Molly A. 

"We absolutely LOVED working with Denise and Bailee to train our dog, Maggie. They are both extremely knowledgeable, patient, kind-hearted, and reliable. By the end of our training, Maggie’s obedience and skills had improved beyond what I had hoped for. More importantly, they helped me break a ton of bad habits as a first-time dog owner, significantly improving my confidence. This duo is incredible and I’d recommend them to anyone."                                                                               


Rebecca R.

"I cannot say enough good things about our experience with Willow Creek Dog Training! Denise and Bailee are simply amazing! If you're looking for dog training, I highly recommend  them!"





What We Offer You and Your Dog

  • Basic Obedience Private Lessons

 One or Two Hour Lessons with Bailee

(Gainesville GA location only)


Focal Points of Basic Obedience Private Lessons:

The most common things we cover... but not limited to.

1. Walking on a Loose Leash: Commands "Let's Go, and  Check It Out."

2. How to Stop/Prevent Jumping: Command "Off."

3. "Leave It" Command.

4. Recalls: Commands "Come vs Here."

5. "Sit, Release" Commands.

6. "Down, Release" Commands.

7. "Make Friends" With People, and Dogs.

8. "Stay" and  "Wait" Command.

9. "Drop It" Command.

10. "Quiet" Command, or No Bark

11. Nutrition 

12. Potty Training/Crate Training

13. Destructive Chewers, Toy Recommendation

Private Lessons are customized to your needs and wants with the natural attributes of your dog. Prices starting at $65 for an hour Private Lesson. New Lesson Packages Available.


Contact Us Now: 585-441-2891

Please text or leave a message for a good call back time to further discuss your dog's training needs.

  • Private Electronic Collar Lesson:

The Electronic Collar Could Save Your Dogs Life
-2 Hour Private Lesson with Bailee-

Having an electronic collar lets your dog be off leash and have the freedom they deserve but still allows you to be in full control of them. 


In this lesson we teach you how the electronic collar works and how to properly train your dog with it. 

We use low stimulations to create a line of  communication between you and your dog.


This Lesson Typically takes 2 hours. Half determining what level your dog needs to start at, how tight the collar needs to be, and then teaching your dog what to do when they feel the collar. 

The other half of the lesson is going over what the next steps are, and how to properly use it to stop bad behaviors off leash.

Training with the electronic collar is for dogs 5 months and older.


* We highly recommend and use the Garmin Delta XC Collar

If you participate in a lesson and follow the instructions we give you, you will have your dog totally off leash, with full control of them in 6-8 weeks in a high distractive situation. 

A follow up lesson in not required but may be recommended .

  • Dog Sitting and Walking:

Allow Your Dog To Stay In The Comfort Of Their Own Home While You Are Away


There’s no place like home and there are many benefits of keeping your pets home while you are away:


-Your Dog Is Used To a Routine, and they thrive on consistency. Keeping your dog on his or routine and keeping them comfortable is my biggest goal. 


-Less Exposure To Health Risks, In a Kennel environment dogs can pickup many contagious diseases like Kennel Cough or Parvo. I always spray my shoes with Cleaner before and after going to a Clients House. 


-Leaving Your Dog In An Unfamiliar Place May Cause Stress. They are already stressed you’re gone. Changing their environment may stress them out even more. I recommend leaving a blanket that smells like you if you’re going to be gone for more than a few days. 


-Your Dog Is Getting More Social Interaction, And Exercise. Most boarding kennels are a small, confined space. I take the time to make sure your dog gets the mental and physical stimulation they might need.


-I Have Over 10 Years Of Professional Dog Sitting Experience and over 16 years of dog handling experience. (More about me and my experience is on “About Us” Page.)

All Drop In Visits Include:

-Full Care: Fresh Water, Food, Potty Time, Cleanup and Wipe Down if needed. And any other requests such as medications and treats. 

-Exercise: A Walk in your neighborhood or playful exercise in your fenced in yard. If it is pouring, extremely cold, or if your pet feels more comfortable, playtime will be inside your house.

-Relaxing Time: A few mins for your dog to settle after exercise where they will receive pets and belly rubs if wanted. 

Visits Times We Offer:


-Half an Hour Visit: 

Perfect for one large older dog or two small dogs about the same age. 


-Forty Five Minute Visit: 

A 45 minute drop in visit is perfect for 2 large dogs about the same age.  


-Hour Visit: 

An hour visit is perfect for high energy, young dogs that need extra mental and physical stimulation, or a family of 3 or more dogs.

Exercise activity time per visit depends on number of dogs, dog activity level, and care needs. If you have an elderly dog, I am able to sit down and spend some quality time with him or her. 

Walks and Playful Exercise are for those who are gone during the day at work, or an event, and will return in the evening.

Every Walk or Playful Exercise includes:

-Exercise: A Walk in your neighborhood, and/or playful exercise in your yard

-Short Care: Fresh Water, wipe down if needed 

-Relaxing Time: A few mins for your dogs to settle after exercise where they will receive pets or belly rubs if wanted.

Half and Hour Walk 

Your dog will receive 25 mins of exercise, short care and a few minutes of relaxing time. 


Forty Five Minute Walk

Your dog will receive 35 mins of exercise, short care and a few minutes of relaxing time. 


Hour Walk 

Your dog will receive 50 mins of exercise, short care and a few minutes of relaxing time. 


Safety and Health Requirements: 

-All dogs are required to be updated on their vaccinations and on a flee preventive.

-All dogs who will be walked are required to be leash trained, and do not pull excessively. 


Dog Walking

My Goal: To Provide just enough physical and mental exercise to keep your dogs or cats happy, your home intact, and your stress level to a minimum. 

Please call or text for a quote.

Prices vary depending on number of dogs, type of Visit/Walks and number of times per day. 

Please include your name, your pets names, ages, and what you are looking for. 

Time Slots available:


-Morning: 7am - 9am


-Mid Morning: 10am - 12pm


-Mid Day: 1pm - 3pm


-Evening: 4pm - 8pm

  • Basic Obedience Group Classes:

        "Like Kindergarten For Your Dog" 

With over 35 Years of Training Experience, Using a Balance of Positive Rewards and Proper Corrections;  We offer More than the Average Dog Class. Come see the difference, you'll be pleasantly surprise. 

March 2022 we will offer 5 week group classes for all dogs, any breed, age or previous training skills. ( Ages 3 months  to  10 years + )


We Will Cover The Basics From:

-Proper ways of walking on a leash

-No jumping / the command OFF

-How to stop bad behaviors such as biting/nipping, or barking excessively.

-Basic Commands; sit, down, release, drop it, leave it,

-Coming when called / The difference between come and here

 -The proper introduction of other dogs and people

- Kids Safety 

-Nutrition, types of dog foods, treats and even toys

-Potty Training

-Crate Training

Group Classes available March 2022