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The Electronic Collar


Creating A Line Of Communication With Dogs Off Leash

What is an Electronic Collar?

This is NOT a Shock Collar. An E-Collar is a wireless collar that a dog wears around his/her neck that is operated by the dog handler who uses a hand held transmitter.


What Does It Feel Like?

The modern E-collar is no longer a unit that produces static shock, but rather blunt stimulation. Today, the E-collar is virtually a tens-unit similar to what is used in acupuncture, massage, and physical therapy. I have all of my students test it on their hand before putting it on their dog. The most common reaction I get is, "That's It?"


Why Use An Electronic Collar? 

It creates an effective way to communicate with your dog. An Electronic Collar lets your dog be off leash, have the freedom they deserve but still allows you to be in full control of them. It can create a solid recall, as well as used for corrections. 

What Collar Do I Buy?

We highly recommend and use the Garmin Collars, Sport Dog, or Mini Educators. Do NOT buy the cheaper ones, they are unreliable, and the stimulation is too hot!


How Do I Get Started?

We set up a Private Lesson where we teach you how the Electronic Collar works and how to properly train your dog with it. NEVER use an Electronic Collar on your own. Your dog must first understand a command before ever using it with an E-Collar. If your dog does not fully understand a recall, a prerequisite lesson is required.

Why Is It So Important To Setup A Lesson / Teach The Language?

There is an easy way to use an E-Collar and then there is the right way to use an E-Collar. It is important to remember that it is not a magic wand that will effortlessly make your dog start listening to you.  People can be too quick to start pushing buttons, without explaining any of the "rules" to the dog. Improper usage of the collar can lead to an unreliable dog, and even behavioral issues.  At Willow Creek we will teach you how to use the electronic collar to clearly communicate with your dog.

How Long Does It Take To Train A Dog On The E-Collar To Be Reliable?  

Training is about consistency, don’t expect your dog to do well if you don’t put in the time! Training time depends on your dog's previous training history, how much you practice, and the age of your dog. 

Introducing The E-Collar

The First E-Collar Lesson usually takes 1hrs - 1.5 hours 

One Dog $100/hr   $120/1.5hrs


This Lesson Covers:

1.What the E-Collar feels like on your hand

2. How to properly fit the e-collar

3. How to properly use the e-collar remote / how to switch handlers

4. Conditioning your dog to the collar 

5. How to introduce the recall to the e-collar

6. Adding distractions and real life situations 

7. Next steps, and homework

A follow up lesson is not required but may be recommended depending on goals

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