Our Training Methods

In Training, we use a Balanced Reward System. We combine both positive rewards and loving corrections with a training collar when needed. Allowing your dog to make it's own choices.

This creates a Happy Dog that learns clearly what appropriate behavior is.

We teach handlers how to properly communicate with their dog, so that the dog can make Good Choices and receive positive rewards.

Training is as much for the owner, as it is for the dog, both learning together as a team. 

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Focal Points of Our Training:

1.Basic Obedience/Basic Commands 

2. Walking on a Loose Leash

3. How to Stop and Prevent Jumping 

4. Recalls

4. Leave It and Drop It

5.  Quiet, No Bark

6. Stay, and Wait

7. Make Friends With People And Other Dogs

8. Crate Training and Potty Training

9. Separation Anxiety

10. Nutrition

11. Kid's Safety


And More!


Locations for Private Lessons can change depending on what we're working on. We do offer House Visits within driving distance. We can do a lesson in any environment, especially public parks, pet friendly stores, and more.

Dog Training isn’t a “Once Size Fit All.” We understand every dog is unique, and everyone's lifestyle is different.

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Brooke F.

Drago has comes a long ways from being a junk yard guard dog and facing euthanasia to becoming my best friend. Thank you willow Creek Dog Training for taking the time to individualize training techniques to fit every dog! It is not only important for the dogs, but to educate the owners and handlers especially when the public does not know how to approach an unknown dog. Bailee and Denise have given Drago and I the confidence we need to advance our learning and to do my part in being a responsible dog owner.

Brooke F.


Shelby A.

"Bailee and Denise are literally miracle workers! After spending lots of time and money trying to get my very hyper, very big puppy trained I had almost lost hope. It was embarrassing to take my dog in public or even try walking him. He was out of control and wouldn’t listen. Bailee and Denise trained both me and the dog. Within just 3 sessions I feel like I have a different dog. I am able to take my dog in public and we finally enjoy going on walks together. They are dog experts and I would 100 percent recommend them to anyone looking to have their dog trained. Sad they are not in Myrtle Beach full time because I would for sure continue lessons with them! Thank you so much Bailee and Denise!"                                                                                                          -Shelby A.


Kathleen B.

With many years of life and many dogs under my belt, I've attended more dog training classes given by more trainers than I can count. Believe me when I say that Willow Creek is heads and shoulders above the rest. Denise and her daughter, Bailee, just plain understand dogs. They get results with the most difficult cases through their experience, knowledge and endless patience. If you need help with you dog, this is truly the place to go. I have traveled from my home a couple of hours away because they are the best, bar none. Well worth the trip.