Always Ask Before Approaching Another Dog!

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Whether you want to pet someones dog, or want your dogs to meet, always ask.

This summer I have been working with many rescues who have fear aggression. And one bad encounter could regress their training significantly. Even if your dog is friendly.

All it can take is one dog charging up to trigger them.

In experience, with my personal dogs and with my students, sometimes all it takes is one or two bad experiences for your dog to become fearful itself. Especially if you have a younger dog.

A fearful dog will bite quicker than an aggressive dog.

“You don't know until you know... respect their space. My dog is afraid of other dogs. He would rather run, but he will snap if your dog gets too close for comfort. I would never have needed this knowledge with my first dog, but I do now with our second one, and so I share…” -One of our students who has a rescue, named Hunter who we have been working with for over a year now. And has greatly improved since.

It's better to properly introduce your dog to a select few dogs that you know are 100% friendly, than a hundred dogs that you know nothing about, and could potentially be fearful or aggressive.

Socialization is not only being social around other dogs, but learning how to properly behave and listen to you in different environments.

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