Basic Dog Owner Etiquette

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

-Teach a Reliable Recall or Keep Your Dog On A Leash At All Times.

Unless your dog can be running towards a deer or another dog, and they can come back to you the first time you called them, your dog shouldn’t be off leash in an open space. All it takes is that one time your dog doesn’t listen and they run across the road and get hit. (To teach a reliable recall you can use an Electronic Collar, but you need to get the right one, and learn how to use it properly. Do not buy the cheap ones and just start pushing buttons, always seek professional training first.)

-Always Ask Before Approaching Another Dog.

Just because your dog is friendly doesn't mean other dogs are too. Please be aware and be respectful that some dogs are in training or are fearful. They have right to be able to be in public without interacting with other dogs and people. It's better to properly introduce your dog to a select few dogs that you know are 100% friendly, than a hundred dogs that you know nothing about, and could potentially be fearful or aggressive.

*If you ever see a dog wearing yellow that means they need some extra space.

-Carry The Necessary Supplies With You.

Always carry waste bags for proper cleanup, flea/tick combs to check your dog after hikes. Portable water dish for easy rehydration, treats for when your dog is doing well. (Always reward what you want repeated) And I recommend keeping a Pet First Aid Kit in your car.

-Crate Or At Least Buckle/Secure Your Dog In Your Car.

If you ever were in a car crash, the safest place for you dog to be is in a crate. If you decide not you crate your dog, at least buckle them down. And never let your dog ride in the back of a truck.

-Train Your Dog The Basics, and Socialize Properly.

Having a dog that knows Basic Commons and will listen to you is crucial. You can’t get mad at your dog for not listening to you if you haven’t trained them anything. The 2nd most important command after a recall is “Leave It” because it could potentially save their life one day. If you ever accidentally dropped a whole bottle of vitamins or pills on the floor, and your dog eats them it could cost them their life, or you thousands of dollars. Please take them time when your puppy is young and easy to train to learn a few simple commands and proper socialization. Don’t wait until your dog has bitten someone to call a trainer. Prevention is the best medicine.

Socialization is not only being social around other dogs, but learning how to properly behave and listen to you in different environments.

-Spay and Neuter Your Dogs, And Keep Up On Vaccinations. Accidents can happen, even thru a chain link fence. Talk to your vet about when you should spay/neuter and what vaccinations your dog needs.

And Remember…

If Your Dog Does Something Bad, Roll Up Some NewsPaper…

And Hit Yourself In The Head. And Think What Did I Do Wrong As A Owner?

Ex. Did I leave my puppy, who is in his/her chewing phase unattended?

Did I not teach my dog that jumping is a bad behavior? And what to do instead is he/she wants attention?

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