Electronic Collar Training

It Can Save Your Dog’s Life

Using a low stimulation to create a line of communication between you & your dog.

“Olive and Athena Off Leash At The Lake”

What is an Electronic Collar? This is NOT a Shock Collar. An E-Collar is a wireless collar that a dog wears around his neck that is operated by the dog handler who uses a hand held transmitter.

What Does It Feel Like? The modern E-collar is no longer a unit that produces static shock, but rather a stimulation. Today, the E-collar is virtually a tens-unit similar to what is used in acupuncture, massage, and physical therapy.

I always have my students feel it on their hand before putting it on their dog.

I use the Garmin Delta XC Sport on all my personal dogs, it has 18 levels. I have felt all of the levels (yes even the highest!) and I cannot feel level 1 or 2. These low levels are extremely important when teaching the language of the collar.

Why Use An Electronic Collar? Having an Electronic Collar lets your dog be off leash and have the freedom they deserve but still allows you to be in full control of them.

Unfortunately one ignored recall, could cost your dog it’s life.

How Old Does My Dog Need To Be?

Your dog needs to be at least 5 months old.

What Collar Do I Buy? We highly recommend and use the Garmin Delta XC Collar or Delta XC Sport, as well as the Mini Educators.

Do NOT buy the cheaper ones, they are unreliable, and the stimulation is too hot!

How Do I Get Started? We set up a 2 Hour Private Lesson where we teach you how the Electronic Collar works and how to properly train your dog with it. NEVER use an Electronic Collar without proper training.

How Long Does It Take To Fully Train A Dog On The E-Collar? Typically it takes 8-12+ weeks of consistent training.

Why Do They Have A Bad Reputation?

Electronic Collars are training tools, but unfortunately they are one of the most misused training tools out there.

The Biggest Mistakes People Make When Using The Electronic Collar:

1. Buy The Cheap Collars: The Cheap Collars have a much higher stimulation than the E-Collars that I recommend, the stim is way to hot and unreliable.

2. They Don’t Teach The Language Of The Collar: And don’t teach the dog what to do when they feel the stimulation. People will put the collar on their dog, start pushing buttons, and the dog doesn’t know what to do or may even yelp in confusion.

3. Judge The Modern E-Collar Based Off Of Old Training Methods With A Shock Collar:

The usage of the shock collars started in the 1960’s, but became popular in the 70’s. Most collars back then only had 3 levels, and at that time one of the most commons method of Training was Forced Training. Today, The Modern Day E-Collar that we use is nothing like the Old Shock Collars. But when using an E-Collar we still need to properly train our dogs for them to fully understand what to do when they feel the stimulation.

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