Private Basic Obedience Lesson

Dogs that need the Basics. Walking on a loose leash, no jumping, sit..

  • 1 hour
  • Gainesville GA

Service Description

Basic Obedience Private Lessons are for all ages and breeds. They are designed for owners who have time and dedication to work with their dog at home. You will be given the beginning stages and knowledge to train your dog, however, results and quality rely on how consistent you are. Homework is included! A Private Lesson can only be scheduled after a Phone Consultation. (Number of Lessons And Lesson Packages will be recommended and determined at the Consultation.) For the best results lessons should be scheduled weekly or bi-weekly. This lesson is for dogs that are jumping, puppy nipping, pulling on a leash, problem solving for older dogs and need to be taught the Basics. Commands We Can Teach: We always start with "Make Friends" and I will show you a proper introduction to new people, (myself.) If your Dog is Jumping, Pulling and Not Walking Well on a Leash The Commands We First Teach: 1. Let's Go (You are the leader, your dog need to pay attention and follow you) 2. Check It Out (Your dog can go sniff, relax) 3. Off (No Jumping) 4. Never-Mind (Not now, ignore other person or dog) 5. We highly recommend teaching a "Leave It" Other Commands We Can Teach: 6. Sit, Release 7. Down, Release 8. Recalls 9. Drop It 10. Wait 11. Stay 12. Quiet, No Bark 13. Stand 14. Place 15. Watch 16. Make Friends With Another Dog 17. Middle And So Much More! Locations for lessons can change depending on what we're working on. We do offer House Visits within driving distance. We can do a lesson in any environment, especially public parks, pet friendly stores, and more. Don't Miss Out, Schedule a Customized Consultation today to get started on your training! If you have any questions, please feel free to call or text during phone hours. **FREE miny photo shoot with any purchase of a private lesson package!

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