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Our Training Methods

Balanced Reward Training

In Training, we use a Balanced Reward System. We combine both positive rewards and fair corrections when needed. Allowing your dog to make their own choices.

This creates a Happy Dog that learns clearly what appropriate behavior is.

We teach you how to properly communicate with your dog, so that your dog can make "Good Choices" and receive positive rewards.

Training is as much for the owner, as it is for the dog, both learning together as a team. 


If you understand how to properly communicate with your dog it gives you the ability to teach your dog how to make good choices, rather than bad ones. 


  • “Sit,” rather than jump on people

  • “Leave it,” rather than eat the food that just dropped on the floor

  • “Wait,” rather than dart out your door 

  • Walk politely by your side, rather than pull on leash

Training Focal Points​

-Basic Commands: Sit, Down, Release, Drop It, Leave It, Stay…etc

-Place (go to designated spot)

-Coming When Called

-Walking On A Loose Leash

-Puppy Training / Potty Training, Basic Manners

-Proper Socialization With Other Dogs

-Meeting New People Politely, No Jumping

-Crate Training 

-Remain Calm Around Distractions 

-Kids Safety

And more!

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