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Willow Creek Dog Training
The Mother And Daughter


The Daughter

Bailee S. 

"Dog Training and Educating others has been my passion since a young age. Having a mother as a Dog Trainer,  Boarding Kennel Owner, German Shepherd Breeder, and with her 35+ years of dog experience, has allowed me to grow up around a variety of dogs and has given me a strong knowledge and understanding of all breeds. I truly got into Dog Training at the age of 7, where I trained and certified my first German Shepherd thru Therapy Dog International. After that my passion continued blossom.

In the many years of doing Private Lessons, Group Classes and seminars next to my mom, helping with puppies and dogs that needed Basic Training, to working with dogs with dogs that have severe aggression and behavioral problems, I have learned a great deal of methods and how to help those who need it. 

A little over 6 years ago, I grew from being an "Assistant Trainer" to a full time Professional Trainer, teaching Private Lessons and Group Classes on my own. Everyday I continue to learn new skills and methods to become the best trainer possible. 


I personally know how a dog can drastically change a person's life for the better. With proper guidance and training, a dog can truly turn into your best friend. That's where I come in... to help you build a strong, reliable relationship with your dog that will last."

The Mother

Denise Smalt, founder of Willow Creek Dog Training

"As a child my parents raised Siberian Huskies, so I grew up taking care of and playing with dogs. Thru 4-H I began training my own dogs.
At the end of my last semester in college I bought my first German Shepherd, “Koby.” I found a trainer who taught me many things about training and even personal protection training. I would drive an hour one way each week to learn as much as I could. In my mid 20’s I began breeding German Shepherds and training in both AKC Obedience and Schutzhund. I attended seminars all across the state to learn even more, many from Cornell. I was fortunate enough to work under a World Class Schutzhund Competitor and several trainers from Germany.
As we sold puppies, people asked for my help with training which led me to start teaching obedience classes.

For several years I worked at a Vet Hospital with Dr. Vivien Surman. This allowed me to increase my knowledge even more about dogs as well as meeting new people who needed dog training.

I have been teaching Dog Obedience Classes in Upstate New York  since 1990. 

Teaching: Basic Obedience, Agility, Canine Good Citizen / Pet Therapy Classes .  


My Businesses included;

"Willow Creek Dog Obedience / Boarding Kennels / German Shepherds"  -  Bath, NY 14810  /  Canandaigua NY 14424

 I am a certified  AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator. Some of my other dog related experiences include; Cornell University Behavioral Seminars, Multiple Training Seminars, ( Including many hands-on seminars with World Competitor "Debbie Zappia" of Proformance K9, Marion NY 14505 )

Taught and Worked closely with Juli Lathrop of "The Kramer Foundation", Elmira NY ( A Non-Profit Organization rehabilitation & rehoming shelter dogs / Using Therapy Dogs to help & council Children )


I have had the privilege to work with and help a large number of people over the past 30 years, with a variety of breeds and training issues. I am especially proud to have my daughter, Bailee Smalt by my side training with me, since she was 7 years old.  And to pass down my knowledge and training experience to her.  She has trained 5 of her own personal dogs, training and certifying 4 of them for Canine Good Citizen and 2 of them as TDI Pet Therapy Dogs, to take them into Nursing Homes, Hospitals, and Schools.  She attended many seminars thru Willow Creek including Agility/Fly Ball seminars as well as training seminars with Debbie Zappia in May 2021. For the past 4 years she has taken over my Dog Obedience Business teaching Private Lessons, Holding Group Classes, and expanding the business into Gainesville Georgia.  She offers her clients compassion and patients to help them with their dog's training issues and needs."  

Our Training Methods

In Training, we use a Balanced Reward System. We use a combination of Both Positive Rewards and Loving Corrections with a Training Collar if needed. This creates a Happy, Respectful Dog that learns clearly what appropriate behavior is. 


We teach handlers how to properly communicate with their dog, so that the dog can make Their Own Choices and receive Positive Rewards.


Training is as much for the owner, as it is for the dog, both learning together as a team.

A Previous Student: Kathleen Brown

"It's been close to twenty years ago now since I met Denise Smalt (Bailee's mother), then owner and operator of Willow Creek Dog Training operating in the Finger Lakes area of NY.  At that time I had been participating in AKC Obedience and Conformation events for years, and it was, frankly, a godsend to find a trainer with broad experience, intuitive sense and who also shared my own personal philosophy of balanced training.  In Denise I found a true friend and colleague in dogs.

However, this reference is for Bailee Smalt, the little girl who became her mother's right-hand in dog training over the years.  I remember Bailee not just as a helper; she was that rare child who owned and trained her own dogs, eventually passing the therapy dog test and taking them on frequent visits to people in need.  Then, as Bailee grew up it came as no surprise that she began teaching classes as an equal partner at Willow Creek, and eventually went on to teach obedience classes herself.  

Having attended Bailee's classes in Canandaigua, NY, I not only found the Willow Creek training philosophy I came to know from Denise, but Bailee has evolved the program with her own personal touch to include:  Updates on nutrition guidance, using new words and cues, updated training equipment and introducing different treats as rewards.  

The most important things to know, though, are about the person:  Bailee is exceedingly patient with both dogs and people, staying long after class has ended to help anyone in need on an individual basis.  Bailee is mature beyond her years, well-organized, always keeping students informed of changes and following through on everything she commits to.  As the last to leave, she makes certain the facility she uses is in impeccable order.  Bailee has a special way of talking to people that makes them feel confident in their ability to handle their dogs.  The manner in which she presents herself gives everyone a warm feeling of camaraderie, like we're all in this together.  Bailee's involvement in and concern for people and their dogs reaches well beyond teaching her classes.  She has been known to help place dogs in forever homes, is a strong supporter of animal shelters, and her social media postings are always full of dog training tips for everyone.  

Dogs have always been the center of Bailee Smalt's life, and there's little doubt that she will bring her lifetime of experience to the dogs and owners there in Georgia. We miss Bailee back here in NY, but it's wonderful to see the capable young woman she has become, bringing Willow Creek Training to her new home."

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