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Agility Class

Outdoor Agility Classes will return March 2024

What Is Agility? In short, Agility is one of the most fun things you can do with your dog! In recreational form, it’s comparable to a visit to a doggy amusement park, providing a fun outlet for excessive energy.


Why Do Agility?

There are many reasons. Some simply do it for fun! People love it, and their dog loves it. The dog and handler truly get quality time together and they learn how to become a team. Some people have working lines that have extra energy and this class allows those breeds to “blow off some steam”. This class also helps build confidence in a dog. Teaching your dog that new textures, surfaces, and heights is actually something cool!


What Age Is Best Suited? 

There are many philosophies about the proper age. But the best answer is at what age you feel most comfortable.  Accidents can be prevented with proper techniques and we always have a spotter or two! For the younger dogs jumping will be restricted to no higher than their shoulder. We will measure each dog to determine what height is best suited for them.

Requirements/ What Should a Dog and Handler Know Before Class?

Agility requires knowledge of Basic Obedience and Basic Leash Manners. This goes for both handler and dog. A dog should know how to stay with the handler on /off leash, have a solid recall, and understand a down stay for at least 5 seconds. Dogs must be friendly with other dogs. And handlers must have general control of their dog.

A Private Lesson or A Basic Obedience Group Class is HIGHLY recommended before taking this class. 

If your dog is disruptive to the class, at least one Private Lesson will be required to continue in the class.


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