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Group Classes

Not Your Average Dog Class, Come See The Difference!

-Small Classes For Individualized Attention

-Classes Run Once A Week, Same Day/Time For 5 Consecutive Weeks (Skip Major Holidays)

-Practice New Commands and Skills With Your Dog Around Real Life Distractions 

-All Dogs Must Be On a Flea / Tick Preventive, and Must Be Up To Date On All Their Shots For Their Age

Participate in a Guided Group Class where you will learn new skills as a handler, receive feedback, provide proper socialization, and train your dog in real world distractions.

*For Reactive Dogs: At the minimum 1 Private Lesson is required before taking a Basic Obedience Group Class

5 Week Basic Obedience Group Class

Basic Obedience Group Classes will return March 2023

-For Dogs Ages 4 months +

(All dogs must be up to date on all vaccinations)

-Small Class: Maximum 6 dogs

-One Hour Per Session / 5 Session Total

-Develop Control As A Handler and Teach Your Dog Leash Manners

-Learn Important Information as a Owner Such as; How Dogs Learn, Nutrition, Dog Body Language Kids Safety, and more!

-Teach Your Dog Reliable Commands; Sit, Down, Stay, Leave It, Come, No Bark, Drop It...etc

-Teach Your Dog How To Politely Meet People (No Jumping!)

-Teach Your Dog Engagement 

-Receive Feedback from the trainer, and discuss certain topics with the group.

This class is designed to teach handlers how to train their dogs, helping them to develop control and build a positive relationship with their dog.

This Class will cover teaching your dog the Basic Commands, Basic Manners, Crate Training, Proper Socialization and more, all while working on real life distractions. 

The First Class is without dogs and is "Training For The Owners"

**For reactive dogs at least one private lesson is required before taking any group class.

Advanced Obedience Class / Canine Good Citizen 


-For Those That Have Successfully Completed Puppy Group Class, or Basic Obedience. This Class is for those who want to work on more real life situations and/or want to certify their dog thru AKC's Canine Good Citizen Program. 

Maximum 8 dogs

-One Hour Per Session / 5 Session Total of Class  /   Week 6 - CGC Testing 

-Week 5 Downtown Gainesville

Not only will this class help you take your dog(s) training to the next level, and be CGC Certified (If you both pass) but it will help you determine if Therapy Dog Work is right for you and your dog, and what the next steps are.
*This is an Advanced Training Class. A Private Lesson May Be Required If The Trainer Deems It Would Be Beneficial and/or Crucial To Your Dog's Training. 
Benefits of CGC: "By training in CGC, you and your dog will deepen your bond and become a more connected team. Not only will you and your dog master skills like sit, down, and stay, but your dog will become a welcomed community member when out in public." -AKC.ORG
This class will not guarantee any certifications. Outcome of Training is based on how much you practice your homework.
What makes a good Therapy Dog?

A dog that is well mannered, listens on cue, is social with other dogs and especially a dog that loves people! 

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Group Class Testimonials 

"Excellent class! Bailee was very knowledgeable and spent extra time explaining ways to deal with issues we were having. Highly recommend her!"

-Barbara M. 

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