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Group Classes

Not Your Average Dog Class, Come See The Difference!

-Small Classes For Individualized Attention

-Classes Run Once A Week, Same Day/Time For 5 Consecutive Weeks (Skip Major Holidays)

-Practice New Commands and Skills With Your Dog Around Real Life Distractions 

-All Dogs Must Be On a Flea / Tick Preventive, and Must Be Up To Date On All Their Shots For Their Age

Participate in a Guided Group Class where you will learn new skills as a handler, receive feedback, provide proper socialization, and train your dog in real world distractions.

5 Week Puppy Group Class

For Dogs Ages 3- 4 months

Small Class Max. 4 Dogs


In this Class We Will Cover:

 -A Puppy's Developmental Stages / Fear Periods / Confidence Building

-How To Properly Manage A Puppy And Bad Behaviors

 -Toys and Fun Training Games


 -Basic Nutrition and Mental Stimulation 

  -Relationship Building

 -Basic Commands: Sit, Down, Recall, Leave It, Drop It


 -Potty Training and Crate Training


-Proper Socialization 

 -Basic Manners / No Pulling / No Jumping

and more! 


This class is designed to teach you how to manage your puppy and develop control. Start the beginning stages of training, and help build a positive relationship with your pup.

This class is perfect for puppies 3-6 months.

 (Dogs must be under a year old to attend this class) 


The First Class is without dogs and is "Training For The Owners"