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Feel Free To Contact Me If You Do Not Find An Answer To Your Question Below

When's A Good Time To Call?

A good time to call would be during my office hours. If you cannot talk during then, feel free to leave me a text or voicemail, and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

Monday: Noon - 4pm

All Hours of Operation Can Vary Per Week Depending on Group Classes, Time of the Year and Holidays/Time Off


*Closed on Sunday, and All Major Holidays / Weekends


How Old Does My Dog Need To Be?

Yes, old dogs can actually learn new tricks. There is no age limit for Private Lesson or Group Classes. All dogs MUST be up to date on their vaccinations.  


Group Class Age Minimum:

Puppies must be at least 14 weeks old, (By session 2 of your scheduled class) and must be up to date on all their shots for their age.

Private Lesson Age Minimum: 

For In - Home Private Lessons: Puppies must be at least 8 weeks old, and must be up to date on all their shots for their age. 

For Public Private Lessons: Puppies must be at least 14 weeks old by your scheduled lesson and must be up to date on all their shots for their age.

How Long Will It Take To Train My Dog?


Depends On A Few Variables: 

-Your Personal Goals With Your Dog

-Your Commitment and Consistency 

Training is like building a house if you spend the time building a strong foundation… the stronger, and more reliable your training will be. 

-Your Skills as a Handler

Little things such as footwork, leash handling, hand position, and timing are all teachable skills that can play a role in your dog's learning. This is why the first class of our 5 Week Basic Obedience Group Classes are without dogs, and is a "Training Session For The Owners." Private Lessons are also highly recommended for first time owners for a more individualized session.

-Your Dogs Age, Temperament, and Previous History  

  • Young Dogs will need more time as they are going thru developmental stages.  

  • Dogs that are reactive, fearful, aggressive or have anxieties will need extra patience and time. 

Training doesn't happen overnight, but if you’re consistent, clear with your rules and commands, the quicker your dog will learn.

Waiver: For All Willow Creek Dog Training Students

  1. This is to certify that the Client voluntarily agrees to participate in the Dog Training lesson or course under the supervision of Willow Creek Dog Training.


    2. The Client is fully aware of the general risks and dangers associated with the nature of Training. Thus, the client shall participate in the Training at his/her own risk and subject to the terms herein. 


    3. The Client Agrees to be responsible for his/her conduct, the conduct of his/her dog(s) and the conduct of others accompanying them (Including minor children) at all times. 


    4. The Client waives all rights against any and all legal claims that may arise due to his/her involvement in the Training. Since dogs are animals and can be unpredictable, the client understands and agrees that Willow Creek Dog Training, and Bark Camp Farm are not liable for any potential risk and hazards that the Client and his/her dog(s) may sustain. 


    5. The Client Agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Willow Creek Dog Training Services and Bark Camp Farm for any and all demands, costs, and expenses that the client may bring upon in the future. 


    6. The Client Agrees if his/her dog(s) attack, bites or injures a Willow Creek Dog Training employee, volunteers, or anyone associated or participating with Willow Creek Dog Training, as well and any person on the property, the Client will be liable for a minimum of $500 compensation, as well as any medical bills related to any such injury that occurs to any participant, volunteer, employee or person on the property. 

Willow Creek Dog Training, and its employees, agree to do their absolute best to prevent any injury, risk or accident to the Client, to other persons participating in the training or on the property where the training is taking  place, or to any dog.  

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