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Training a Puppy

Private Lessons

-Custom Private Training Session with The Trainer (Bailee S.)


-Lessons Can Be Scheduled Weekly, Biweekly, or Monthly

 Individual Training Sessions, that guides you through any specific problems you are having, and work towards personal training goals for your dog…when it's most convenient for you! Custom Private Lesson Packages can be made after the first lesson.

-Multiple Lessons/ Programs are listed at the bottom

*Your dog must be on a flea and tick preventive, free of all parasites and diseases. As well as up to date on all of their vaccinations. 

*Remember each Private Lesson is customized to you. Below are some guidelines to help you decide what's best for you and your dog.


If you have any questions, or don't see what you are looking for please let me know!


-For Puppies 3 Months and Under 

-Puppies must be up to date on their vaccinations, and have had at the minimum 2 DHPP shots

-Stop/Prevent Bad Behaviors Such as; Nipping, Jumping, And Barking

-Develop Leadership and Control As A Handler

-Teach Reliable Commands; Sit, Down, Leave It, Come, No Bark...etc

-Teach Your Dog How To Politely Meet People (No Jumping!)


-Discuss Nutrition, Mental Stimulation, Toys and Basic Health  

-Cover Potty Training / Crate Training 


Whether this is your first puppy, or haven't had one in awhile, this Hour Private Lesson is designed to help with typical Bad Puppy Behaviors, the Beginning Stages of Training, and How to Setup your Puppy for Success.  

Location: My Office 3485 McEver Road, Gainesville GA Suite #207

One Dog: $120/hr


-For Dogs Of Any Age That Are Fully Vaccinated 

-Develop Control As A Handler and Teach Your Dog Leash Manners

-Teach Reliable Commands; Sit, Down, Stay, Leave It, No Bark, Drop It, Heel, Come...etc

-Teach Your Dog How To Politely Meet People (No Jumping!)

-Teach Your Dog Engagement / Pay Attention To You  

-Learn/Practice As A Handler How To Respond To Real Life Distractions. Example; learn what to do when an off leash dog runs towards you and your dog. 

This Hour Private Lesson is designed for those who want to develop control, strengthen handling skills, and teach their dog Reliable Commands and Leash Manners.


Location: Bark Camp Farm 

One Dog: $120/hr


-For Dogs of Any Age

-For Dogs With Extreme Leash Frustration and Reactivity  

-Great For Dogs Who Have Had An Unfortunate Experience With Another Dog, and Is Now Reactive 

-Discuss Triggers, and How To Setup Your Reactive Dog For Success 

-Building Your Skills as A Handler / And Good Leader For Your Dog

-Confidence Building For Your Dog

This Hour Private Lesson is designed for those who have a dog that becomes overstimulated when they are triggered by a person, dog, or has leash frustration..etc                   

This lesson will cover what to do if your dog becomes reactive, how to stop and prevent reactivity, and any other problems you are having. 

One Dog: Starting at $160/hr


-Train Your Dog In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

-Work On At Home Issues Example: Greeting New People At The Door

-Crate Training and Potty Training

-Teach Reliable Commands; Sit, Down, Stay, Leave It, Come, No Bark, Drop It...etc

-Teach Your Dog To Go To Their Bed On Cue

-Introduction and Proper Manners With A New Family Member; New Dog, New Baby..etc

This Custom In-Home Private Lesson is for those who have specific problems at home, have a young dog that isn't fully vaccinated, or for those who feel more comfortable in their own home.

There is an additional $25 travel fee for those outside of the Gainesville Area

A Private Lesson at Bark Camp Farm or Willow Creek's office is required before an in-home lesson.

One Dog: Starting at $180/hr

Book a Service

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Programs at My Training Locations
At Willow Creek Dog Training, I offer basic obedience programs that are custom tailored to each dog and their individual needs. I also offer reactive dog programs that are designed to help dogs that are exhibiting behaviors such as barking, and lunging. These Programs take place at my training location and I will work with you to ensure that your dog is learning the skills they need to be successful.Don't see anything that works for you? Text 770-625-1521 for a Custom Program 

Basic Obedience Programs - Once A Week
Based on your goals, schedule, and your dog, we offer a 4 or 6 Week Basic Obedience Program that gives your pup the foundation they need to succeed. Bailee will teach you and your pup basic commands such as sit, stay, come, leave it, and more. We meet once a week for 4 or 6 weeks to ensure your pup learns the behaviors and skills they need. After this program, your pup will have the confidence to take on the world.
 $460/ 4 Week Program / 4 Private Lessons Total
$680/ 6 Week Program / 6 Private Lessons Total 

6 Week Reactive Dog Program - Once A Week
Our 6 Week Reactive Dog Program is designed to help reactive dogs that get overstimulated by certain environments, other dogs, and/or people. Our 6 week program uses balanced training to teach your pup the basics of obedience while helping them learn how to remain calm in any situation. With our help, you can give your pup the skills they need to thrive in any environment. If your dog is ready lesson 5 and/or 6 will be at Laurel Park. 
$840 / 6 Week Program / 6 Private Lessons Total

In Home Programs
At Willow Creek Dog Training, we offer In Home Basic Obedience Programs for all dogs. Our experienced trainer, Bailee, will come to your home and work with you and your pup to develop a personalized obedience plan. From basic commands such as sit, stay, drop it, leave it, and come to more advanced techniques like loose-leash walking and polite greetings, Bailee will help you and your pup learn the skills needed to have a happy, healthy relationship. With our unique, personalized approach, you and your pup can become the perfect team. By the end of the Program, you’ll have a well-behaved pup that you can be proud of.

Basic Obedience 4 Week Program - Twice A Week
Our Speedy 4 week program includes twice a week sessions that focus on basic obedience skills, commands, and basic manners.  Lessons are typically Mondays and Fridays, and our Speedy Program accelerates the process and moves the training along quickly. $1,280 / 4 Week Program / 8 Private Lessons Total

Basic Obedience 6 Week Program - Once A Week
Our 6 week program is designed to be taken at a slower pace, allowing you and your pup to learn and become comfortable with the basics. We meet once a week to ensure that you and your pup get the personalized attention and guidance you need.
$990/ 6 Week Program / 6 Lessons Total 

To Schedule A Program Please Text 770-625-1521

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